Inspired by Nature


My Silver Birch Vases, were inspired by the Silver Birch trees that I can see from my studio window.  


They are made using an extruder and black iron oxide is added to the outside to pick out the design which I hope is reminisent of the Silver Birch Bark.  A clear glaze is used internally so that water can be used within them.  I think they look great on their own or as a cluster with a single flower in each one.



 sb vases       Sb vases with flowers







Paper Clay T lights - these are a perfect size for a T light candle.  Made with porcelain paper clay they are made by rolling out the clay, a little like pastry.  I collect seed heads from the garden in the Autumn and use these to impress the design into the clay.  I roll as thin as I dare so that they have a translucent quality when the candle inside is alight. Beautiful on their own - fantastic as a group....

 T Light Holders