My bowls and bowl sets fall into 2 categories.  The Wave Bowls are altered once they have been thrown on the wheel to create gentle undulations at the rim.  They are left unglazed on the outside to give a matt surface which is smooth and soft to the touch and which contrasts beautifully with the glazed interior.  Alternatively they are left to be Simple Bowls.

I use a select number of glazes, chosen for their vibrancy and depth.

I love to produce sets of bowls, either nesting or simple sets.  Functional but pleasing to look at when not in use.

All of the bowls are food safe and its perfectly OK to put them in the dishwasher - life is afterall too short to wash up by hand.....

 nesting wave bowl set                    simple nesting bowls     

 wave bowl     simple bowl     

simple bowls       wave bowl dip set